Initial consultation includes Reiki for only $44

WORK WITH ENERGY HEALER-Alchemist Krysta Pearson

Ready to up-level your life in a never-been-done-before kind of way? Working with Krysta in her extremely powerful 1:1 personal sessions,  you will learn exactly what constraints and barriers are holding you back from tapping into and living in your higher state of consciousness and what old beliefs you can let go of that aren’t serving you for your highest good.  

Sessions are available individually or in packages that come with the Vibe Tribe; an all-inclusive, private group with unlimited tools, resources, discounts, and more.  

Krysta Pearson Reiki Health Advisor Old Town Fort Collins CO
Energy Healer Krysta Pearson

How Can I work with Krysta?


Most sessions last 60 minutes. Sessions are tailored to you during your initial consultation. Additional time may be purchased up-to or during your appointment when time allows. This is not for emergencies.

$55/30-minute Session

Select from the following:
• Conscious Visioning
• Guided Meditation
• Intention Reiki
• Breath-Work
• Event Gridding
and so much more...

$333/4 Sessions/Month

Get 4 sessions for the price of three. Along with weekly sessions with Krysta, you get unlimited access for 30 days to the VIBE TRIBE! This package saves you $133 and it's easy to downgrade any time


Get weekly meditations, classes and discounts at local events. Get the private Facebook Group and discount sessions with Krysta all for only $22 a month.

Book Krysta for your upcoming event

Add A guided meditation to your next event!

It's a Game Changer

Krysta Pearson is available as a Keynote Speaker on topics such as “Peace in the Workplace”,  Guided Meditation facilitator to open or close your event, 5 minute Breath-work techniques, and much more.

Fill out the form for more information on Krysta’s availability and hourly rate.

All requests should include a phone number, email, contact name, date, location, duration, topic, # of attendees, proposal for accommodations, meals and transportation.

Not all requests can be honored but will be considered.