Krysta Pearson:  Alchemist & Health Advisor

Krysta lives in Fort Collins, CO with her 2 children and fur baby. After leaving an abusive 16 year long relationship and finding her soul’s purpose along the way, she is now an expert in her field of intuitive healing, mastering the mind and teaching how your feelings lie to you and learning how to think greater than you feel. She is the founder of Neroli Sol, ( a conscious living haven) located in the heart of Old Town in Fort Collins, where she practices her many different methods of healing the mind and body. She is a Mindset Coach, meditation teacher and shamanic healer. When she isn’t integrating into new levels of awesomeness you can find her running single dirt trails, boarding down the slopes in the rocky mountains, finding an adventure with her kids or visioning up the next best way to level up with the most amount of ease!