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Work with Krysta in a way that resonates with you. Krysta offers workshops, online and in-person coaching, and is available to speak at your next event.


Schedule a discovery session for only $20 or an Oracle healing or Mindset Session.


Vision Board, Workplace topics and more. All centered around the heart.

Heart-Centered Speaker

Wellness in the Workplace is an opportunity to bring the passion back in your company.


Check out upcoming classes, courses, workshops and retreats by Krysta Pearson and others.

Vibe Tribe

Join a community of like minded souls as they vibe up with Alchemist Krysta Pearson.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing that can assist in releasing physical and emotional trauma in the pain-body.

Oracle Reading

When the Universe is trying to speak to you, get clarity with an Oracle Reading. Readings are not future telling, but allowing your higher-self to communicate with you.

Mind-Set Coaching

Mindfulness matters! Being mindful of where our thoughts are and learning how the words we use in everyday conversations with others and even with our own selves.

"I Receive" all this love and more. It's my soul's pleasure to work with each of these beautiful people!
Tess Kula

Tess Kula

Business Owner

If I could bundle every magical word into one individual, that would be Krysta. She has found her true and natural talent in helping others become the best versions of themselves. Her products that she sells and her individual coaching sessions are perfectly entwined to create pure authentic healing. No matter the source of struggle, whether emotional or physical, Krysta is the person to see!

Rio Bishop

Rio Bishop


"Krysta is a guiding light and has played an integral role in my spiritual development and growth. Most importantly, she has encouraged the emergence of my highest, most authentic self and has helped me step into my truth and fully embrace my own divinity. Light attracts light and I am so eternally appreciative that my soul has come to know hers!"

Brenna Galves

Brenna Galves

Acupuncture & Herbologist

"Krysta’s one-on-one couching sessions are so informative and her guided mediations are incredibly transforming and healing. She is a wealth of knowledge that is going to change the world."